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Even though pork shoulder is an inexpensive meat cut I found after making the Mojo Marinated Pork Shoulder a few times the marinade recipe is very expensive.  I then tried the make a more affordable option and came up with this very simple recipe.


  • 1 x pork shoulder ( I had the butcher cut up a shoulder into three pieces)
  • 1 x Freshly ground Robertsons black pepper
  • 1 x Salt to taste
  • 1 x Robertsons Crushed Garlic Powder


Pre-heat the oven to 110°C. Rub the shoulder with garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Place the shoulder in an oven roaster and leave in the oven at 110°C for about 5 hours turning it a few times. Be careful at the end as the pork can fall apart. Remove the lid and grill in the oven until nice and golden brown on the outside. If you want to use it for cuban sandwiches it is best to leave until cold and then cut into slices as the pork will literally fall apart when you try and cut it.

Serve with your favourite sauce and side dishes.

Pork Roast
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