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During the december holidays we had the opportunity to buy some fresh fish at the harbour in Stilbaai. Upon inquiry the guy behind the counter said that the gurnard (or better known as a “Knorhaan”) is the poor man’s kingklip. I looked at him and thought to myself “Ja right hey”. Never the less I decided to buy one together with a beautiful Dorado.

Getting back to camp the question was well what do I do with this? I decided to keep it simple as the idea was to eat fish and then taste the fish and not have it disguised with apricot jam or chilly or whatever else.


  • 125g butter
  • lemon juice to taste
  • Crushed garlic
  • Salt and Black Pepper
  • Olive Oil


Start your fire and get your coals ready for your braai. (Preferably a wood fire if you can)

The fish was already filleted so I just lightly covered it with Olive Oil and then seasoned it with some salt and freshly ground black  pepper to taste.

To make the basting sauce simply melt the butter in a small pot and add lemon juice to taste and add in some crushed garlic to taste. I love garlic so I added about two table spoons full.

Put some foil on the one side of your braai grid and then place the fish with skin side onto the foil. The one in front of the picture is the Gurnard.

Now braai the fish slowly very high from the coals on medium coals.

Baste the fish regularly with the sauce.

When most of the flesh has turned white you can turn the fish briefly and then cook the open side and slightly brown it and then turn back to the skin side.

Baste with the sauce once more and then serve with you choice of side dishes and wine.

The final result was the guy was right this was by far some of the best fish I have had in a long time. You will not be disappointed with the texture or the flavours and taste.

We had a wonderful new Rooster Sauvignon Blanc from Middelvlei wines.




Lemon Butter Gurnard On The Braai
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