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We were camping at Stilbaai for the December holidays and started to run out of ideas for a nice cold lunch salad as it was pretty warm that year. I got the brain wave to try a combination of tuna and smoked mussels and add it to a salad mix. The combination simply turned out mouth watering delicious.


  • 1 x tin shredded tuna 170 g in salt water or oil
  • 1 x tin smoked mussels 85 g
  • 1 x Avocado cut in to pieces
  • Baby tomatoes cut in half
  • Cucumber cut into slices and then quarters
  • Feta cheese cubed about 1 cm
  • Cheddar cheese cubed about 1 cm
  • Gherkins cut into slices
  • Some lettuce or rocket or mixed salad greens
  • Nola Ultra Creamy Mayonnaise


Discard the water or oil in the tuna and add to a salad bowl. Discard the oil in the mussels and add to the salad bowl. Now use your own discretion to add tomatoes, cucumber, gherkins, avocado, lettuce, feta and cheddar to your own liking.


Toss together and then add enough mayonnaise to your taste.



Optionally you can add some salt and pepper but I enjoy it as is. You can pair it with some toasted ciabatta or panini bread for a wonderful lunch salad.


Tuna and Smoked Mussels Salad
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