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If there is one thing that is synonymous with a South African Braai it is Braai Broodjies.

My good friend Johan Heyns shared this recipe with me and we have been making it ever since.


Sasko Honey and Oats sliced bread

Olive oil and brush to coat

Clover Butro butter spread

Sliced Onion’s

Sliced Tomato’s

Cheddar cheese slices or grated

Optional Extra (Nola Ultra Creamy Mayonaise and Mr’s Balls Original Chutney)


Use the butter to spread on the one side of the bread and use as the inside of the two slices.

Add the tomato slices, onion slices and cheese on top of the one slice to your liking.

Now add the other slice on top with the butter facing inside and coat the outside of the slice with the olive oil using the brush.

Turn over and coat the other outside side as well with olive oil.

You can make as many as required. One bread makes about 6 broodjies.

Now put into a braai grill that is adjustable so as not to squeeze the broodjies too hard so that the bread brakes.

Braai on medium coals slowly so that the cheese can melt and the broodjies become golden brown.


Braai Broodjies
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